Corona in Göttingen: Several infected people after private parties

Corona in Göttingen: Several infected people after private parties

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Göttingen: Hundreds of people in quarantine after Corona outbreak

Just a few days ago, the Lower Saxony state government had announced that new cases of COVID-19 had leveled off at a stable, low level in the northern German state. But now there was a corona outbreak in Göttingen.

Since the number of people infected with the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus remained relatively low in Lower Saxony, the northern German state had relaxed numerous measures to curb the corona epidemic. But then there was a major corona outbreak in the northern district of Leer and now in Göttingen in southern Lower Saxony.

Infections related to multiple private family celebrations

In Göttingen, numerous people have become infected with the new corona virus. As the city of Göttingen reports on its website, 170 first-degree contacts in the city and district of Göttingen have been identified in connection with several private family celebrations last weekend.

Another 140 contact persons are responsible for other health authorities, who were informed immediately. According to the information, all first-degree contact persons have been given dates for testing. The tests are evaluated in the laboratory of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG).

However, some people did not show up for testing despite an oral request from the health authority. A written order for presentation to the test center is sent to this group of people, which has been proven with a fine.

Severely ill person

Currently (as of May 31, 2020), 36 people have been tested positive for the virus in connection with this outbreak. Of these, only one person is still seriously ill and is being treated in hospital. According to media reports, she needs artificial respiration. Around 160 people were sent to quarantine at home.

Misconduct is regretted

The top priority in the work of the city of Göttingen is the fast and complete contact tracking.

It is immensely important that the persons contacted cooperate with the health department, take the scheduled appointments at the test center for swabbing and also strictly adhere to the quarantine arrangement.

“This is the only way we can get a precise picture of the situation and effectively prevent the virus from spreading further. I very much regret that the wrongdoing of individuals has an impact on citizens who have followed all recommendations and instructions in an exemplary manner, ”said Social Affairs Director Petra Broistedt.

Infection in a shisha bar

According to the city, there are also indications that the infection could have taken place in a shisha bar, among other things.

In order to minimize the risk, all hookah bars were checked. "One of six bars was open - contrary to the state regulation - and was closed by employees of the order department," says the message.

It will be checked whether the celebrations violated existing clearance and hygiene regulations. (ad)

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