Lose weight: diets ineffective - these nutrition tips promise success

Lose weight: diets ineffective - these nutrition tips promise success

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Weight Loss: Most diets bring nothing

Many people who want to lose weight often rely on nutritional programs that, for example, rely on low fat or low carbohydrates or that completely ban some foods. But according to experts, such diets are useless. If you want to reduce your weight, you have to change your diet. Because this is not easy, an expert gives some tips.

Whether you want to shed extra pounds, feel fitter, or do something good for your health, there are many good reasons why people want to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you not only have to exercise enough, but also pay attention to a balanced diet. But what is the best way to change eating habits towards a healthy meal plan? An expert from Hanover has some tips on this.

Over half of adults are overweight

We live here in a world with an oversupply of food. This has consequences: As the Hannover Medical School (MHH) writes in a current press release, over half of the adults in Germany are overweight.

The increased belly fat is particularly critical, as it significantly increases the risk of certain diseases. Many plan to lose weight, especially at the beginning of the year, but fail after a short time.

"If you are serious about weight loss, you should not start with any diets, but change your diet in the long term," recommends Sonja Nothacker, head of the school for dieticians at the MHH.
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Move enough

Most people are familiar with the so-called "food pyramid", which should help to put the daily food in a balanced way. But it is often difficult to follow these recommendations.

Before you even start with the food, there is movement at the bottom as a basis. "A daily workload is part of a healthy, holistic lifestyle," says Sonja Nothacker.

Then the nutritionist reminds you what people should consume and in what quantities. Every day at least 1.5 liters of liquid in the form of water, tea and coffee, five servings of vegetables and fruit, cereal products several times a day, preferably whole grain, milk and milk products, weekly meat, fish and eggs.

"Unsalted nuts and seeds are also highly recommended and can be enjoyed daily," explains the headmistress. The expert recommends high-quality fats such as rapeseed oil and olive oil for the gentle preparation of the dishes. "You should definitely pay attention to hidden fats and sugars in food."

Give up rituals

That sounds simple, but it is often difficult to implement. "It is very important to give up certain rituals," advises the nutritionist.

For example, for many a cup of coffee includes a piece of cake or a TV evening is only cozy with chips. Another eating trap is the so-called substitute satisfaction: dissatisfaction is compensated for with alcohol or sweets, for example.

“Some of these unhealthy habits creep up in childhood. If you can separate yourself from them, you have already taken an important step, ”explains Sonja Nothacker.

The effort is worth it

There are many things that make losing weight difficult. The expert has a basic piece of advice: "If you want to lose weight, you have to take care of yourself," says the headmistress.

“I should plan my diet exactly over the day, shop consciously and prepare something for myself. Unfortunately, this takes time, effort and discipline. But the effort is worth it, self-care is important. ”

Ms. Nothacker advocates flexible control. For example, if you love chocolate and cake, you don't have to do without it completely, just divide them up sensibly.

Weigh regularly and measure the waist circumference

"Slips are also allowed - the main thing is to keep going and not give up," says the nutritionist.

This means that the first successes will soon be visible on the scale. These should enter those who want to lose weight regularly and measure their waist circumference again and again in order to keep an eye on the situation.

Healthy weight loss starts with shopping

Healthy weight loss starts with shopping.

"We should buy food with a short list of ingredients if possible and prepare food with fresh, unprocessed food," says Sonja Nothacker.

"And of course don't go shopping hungry and don't make hamster purchases," says the expert. (ad)

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