Coronavirus: Missing Disinfectants? Pharmacies should help out

Coronavirus: Missing Disinfectants? Pharmacies should help out

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Coronavirus: Disinfectants can be made in pharmacies

Many people are concerned about the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. If you want to protect yourself from infection, you should comply with certain hygiene rules. Disinfectants can also contribute to protection. But in many places such products are sold out. Pharmacies can help here.

The fear of the spreading corona virus has led some people to stock up on large amounts of food. Toilet paper hamster purchases have also been reported. In addition, disinfectants are becoming scarce or are sold out in many places. If you still want to acquire such funds, you can contact pharmacies.

Prepare disinfectants from basic substances

"Pharmacies are more than just dispensing points," explains Friedemann Schmidt, President of the ABDA - Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations, in a recent announcement.

"In every pharmacy there is a laboratory in which the pharmacist can manufacture disinfectants from basic substances - for patients, but especially for doctor's offices or nursing homes that urgently need it," said the expert.

Temporary approval for pharmacies

As stated in the message, pharmacies can use a temporary approval to manufacture and market products for hygienic hand disinfection. By the beginning of last week there were legal hurdles.

70 percent isopropanol (also called 2-propanol) or a mixture of isopropanol with hydrogen peroxide and glycerol are used against the corona virus. Pharmacists can also make ethanol-water mixtures for hand disinfection.

According to the information, the pharmaceutical wholesaler is trying to bring the raw materials for the manufacture of these disinfectants to the pharmacies in sufficient quantities.

Healthy people don't need disinfectants

“Nobody should mix a disinfectant from freely available ingredients at home, because that can be dangerous,” warns Schmidt.

High-proof alcohol can ignite and in too low concentrations it is not effective against coronaviruses. The instructions circulating on the Internet have not been checked. And whether they work against viruses is uncertain.

“But one shouldn't forget that healthy people don't need disinfectants to protect themselves against an infection with the corona virus. Regular hand washing is still the method of choice, ”says Schmidt.

You should also keep your distance from people who show cold symptoms. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends one to two meters here. Shaking hands should also be avoided. (ad)

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