Diet: walnuts extend the life of women

Diet: walnuts extend the life of women

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A longer and healthier life through eating walnuts?

There seem to be healthy foods that have a positive effect on the length of our lives. Researchers found that older women who eat walnuts regularly are generally better in health and have a longer life expectancy than women who do not eat walnuts.

The current investigation by Brigham and Women's Hospital found that regular consumption of walnuts in women is associated with increased life expectancy. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Journal of Aging Research".

Walnuts can increase life expectancy

Although there are a lot of foods that are said to have a positive effect on the length of our lives, the only question is what is the truth behind such statements. Walnuts actually seem to increase the life expectancy of older women - at least according to a new study.

A few handfuls of nuts per week significantly increase life expectancy

The researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital found in their investigation that eating just a few handfuls of nuts a week can help women increase their life expectancy and stay healthy.

Data from almost 34,000 women were analyzed

The researchers evaluated the data from a total of 33,931 women who participated in the US Nurses Health Study between 1998 and 2002. About 16 percent of the women taking part were healthy seniors. If the women examined more often consumed walnuts, they were more likely to belong to this group of healthy people.

What was examined?

All participating women reported on their diet, including their total consumption of nuts, for the study. In addition, they were examined for memory problems, mental health and chronic diseases such as cancer, heart failure, stroke, diabetes and Parkinson's disease. The researchers also assessed how the older participants were able to cope with various daily activities such as climbing stairs, bathing and getting dressed.

What did the study show?

Women in their late 50s or early 60s were more likely to be healthy if they consumed at least two servings of walnuts a week. The women also showed improved mental health after the age of 65, and they were also less likely to suffer from serious illnesses or physical problems. (as)

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