Health Minister warns of poisonous mushrooms

Health Minister warns of poisonous mushrooms

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Poisonous and spoiled mushrooms: Minister warns of life-threatening poisoning

Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml warns of the dangers of poisonous and spoiled mushrooms on the occasion of the now started mushroom season. She strongly advises against eating mushrooms that are not exactly known. Because then sometimes life-threatening poisoning threatens.

Mushroom season started

Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml has warned of poisonous and false mushrooms on the occasion of the started mushroom season. "I strongly advise against collecting and eating mushrooms that are not exactly known. Eating the wrong mushroom can lead to life-threatening symptoms of poisoning, ”said the minister, according to a message. "Over 100 calls from concerned citizens have already been received at the Munich Poison Control Center because of suspected fungal poisoning," said Huml.

Don't treat symptoms yourself

"If someone suffers from nausea, abdominal pain or vomiting after a mushroom meal, the emergency services (phone number 112) or the poison emergency number in Bavaria should be informed immediately on 089/19240," said the minister.

“Under no circumstances should you try to treat the symptoms yourself with medication or home remedies. This could even make poisoning worse, ”said Huml.

The German Society for Mycology also points out on its website that there are no sensible home remedies for fungal poisoning that can be used without a medical indication.

"Drinking milk is always wrong, but drinking salt water to promote vomiting or coal tablets to relieve diarrhea can have serious disadvantages and can worsen the prognosis or even death," write the experts.

Get advice from experts

"Gastrointestinal complaints, particularly in the case of tuber agaric, can still appear 6 to 12 hours after eating the mushroom - in some cases even later - and indicate dangerous poisoning," explained Huml.

“Complaints such as shortness of breath, dizziness or sweating can also be symptoms of fungal poisoning,” says the politician, who is a trained doctor.

As it says in the communication, around 100 types of fungi are known to be harmful to health in Bavaria. As a result, up to eight species are even classified as fatally toxic.

Mushroom pickers can get advice from experts on the website of the Bavarian Mycological Society. There you will find a list of certified mushroom advisors and mushroom experts in the Free State.

The mushroom experts working on a voluntary basis carry out mushroom basket checks and also provide information about mushroom types and poisoning.

There are not only poisonous mushrooms in the forest

According to the German Society for Mycology e.V., fungal poisoning is most often caused by fungi that are too old, too long or stored incorrectly.

Or by eating raw or insufficiently steamed mushrooms. “Raw mushrooms are generally poisonous. Only Kulturegerling (cultivated champignon), porcini and a few other species can be eaten raw, ”the experts report.

And of course, poisoning mushrooms can lead to poisoning.

Important to know: “There are not only poisonous mushrooms in the forest, but also in home gardens or flower pots. I advise parents of small children to be more careful, ”says Huml.

“The number of poisonous mushrooms growing in potting soil has been increasing for several years. According to experts, this is probably due to the hotter summers, ”said the minister.

She added: "For several years now, Munich's poison emergency call has been receiving calls from concerned parents whose children have eaten mushrooms in the garden or from flower pots."

So-called lawn mushrooms also play a role, according to Huml. “Fortunately, the actual risk is usually low. If anything is unclear, the Munich Poison Control Center should be contacted. ”(Ad)

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