Whole body vibration reduces inflammation in diabetes

Whole body vibration reduces inflammation in diabetes

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Vibrations to Treat Diabetes?

Researchers have now found that whole-body vibrations can be used to treat diabetes. This form of treatment has a positive effect on our microbiome, our immune cells and the use of glucose, which means that inflammation is prevented.

The recent joint study by the Medical College of Georgia and the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University found that whole body vibration can improve the treatment of diabetes. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "International Journal of Molecular Sciences".

Role of macrophages in the development of inflammation?

So-called macrophages can usually promote or prevent inflammation. The regular use of whole-body vibrations leads to the fact that a larger percentage of macrophages are generated, which suppress inflammation rather than promote it, the researchers explain.

Changes in the microbiome due to vibrations?

The study used a mouse model to determine whether whole-body vibration changes the microbiome, the entirety of microorganisms in and on our body that also protect us from infection and help digest food. After the vibration treatment, an increasing concentration of a bacterium that forms short-chain fatty acids was observed. These help the body make better use of glucose. High glucose levels, such as those associated with diabetes, can cause inflammation and the associated complications. The whole-body vibrations have a preventive effect here.

Effects of vibrations on concentrations of alistipes

In addition to various other effects, whole body vibration showed a 17-fold increase in an intestinal bacterium called Alistipes, which is usually not present in large quantities. Alistipes can produce short chain fatty acids and thus reduce inflammation in the intestine. Alistipes also helps ferment our food without producing alcohol, generally improves the metabolic status of our intestines and has a positive effect on the use of glucose. When the researchers noticed this, they planned to use a dose of the bacterium like a medicine. For this, patients should be given a low dose of whole body vibrations. As Alistipes increased, glucose consumption and macrophage composition improved. The sequencing has not yet been fully clarified, but the researchers seem to be dealing with a closed, self-expanding cycle.

Dangers from chronic inflammation

Our microbiome is built up in layers. Whole body vibrations could rearrange these layers. However, it's not really clear how whole-body vibrations work in this or any other scenario, the research team adds. Whole body vibrations seem to help fight inflammation. While acute inflammation helps fight disease, chronic inflammation can trigger and maintain a variety of diseases, from cardiovascular problems to cancer and diabetes, the researchers continue to report.

More research is needed

In view of the increasing rate of inflammation-related obesity and the associated type 2 diabetes, new therapies are needed that directly help to avoid negative health consequences. Of course, more research is needed, but whole body vibration could be a generally applicable and safe method of treating diabetes, the research team hopes.

Macrophages play an important role in inflammation

Macrophages that can promote and suppress inflammation play an important role in regulating the inflammatory response. The researchers wanted to find out how whole-body vibrations affect the inflammatory status of macrophages and the diversity of the microbiome. They suspected that whole-body vibration would cause positive changes in the microbiome. The researchers assigned the macrophages to two categories that either promote inflammation (M1) or suppress inflammation (M2). They found a significant increase in the number of M2 and the level of other anti-inflammatory molecules such as the cytokine IL-10 in both normal mice and their diabetes mouse model after using vibrations. There were numerous changes in the microbiome, although the increase in alistipes and the general decrease in the diversity of the microbiome were by far the most significant, the researchers explain. (as)

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