Recall from Aldi: Plastic fragments discovered in various bread items

Recall from Aldi: Plastic fragments discovered in various bread items

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Aldi recall: risk of injury from foreign bodies

The Federal Institute for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the manufacturer are currently warning of several bread specialties that were offered by Aldi. Dangerous hard plastic splinters were found in the affected products. The bread should therefore no longer be consumed, but returned to the appropriate Aldi branch.

The supplier "Aldente GmbH" will call back all varieties of the product "Orient Specials Naan Bread, 280 grams" with the best before date July 12, 2019. The bread was offered as part of a campaign in the flavors Classic, Garlic Coriander and Tandoori. The affected articles were only sold in the Aldi branches in Lehrte-Sievershausen, Nortorf, Radevormwald, Rinteln, Scharbeutz and Seevetal.

Health hazard: Please do not consume any more

"It cannot be ruled out that the above-mentioned promotional article could contain hard plastic splinters," Aldi-Nord writes in a customer information on the website of the discounter. The affected goods with a best before date of July 12, 2019 should therefore no longer be consumed, advises Aldi. The products can be returned to the place of purchase. The purchase price will of course be refunded.

What are the dangers of foreign bodies in food?

During the production of food, impurities or foreign bodies sometimes get into the products due to errors. Depending on the size, nature and material of the foreign bodies, they can cause many different injuries and symptoms if they are chewed or swallowed. For example, wounds in the mouth and throat can occur. If the parts are swallowed, digestive or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be excluded. In addition, the foreign bodies can initiate inflammatory processes if they settle in the body.

For further information read the article "Small parts swallowed: first aid for dangerous foreign bodies in the body". (vb)
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