Fitness: Caffeine significantly increases our athletic performance

Fitness: Caffeine significantly increases our athletic performance

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Increase athletic performance through caffeine?

Many do their morning workout before work. Most people don't take the first coffee and then start their fitness program. Not a bad move, because the evaluation of over 300 studies has now shown that the consumption of caffeine improves athletic performance by two to 16 percent.

300 studies with more than 4,800 participants were evaluated

The researchers analyzed 300 studies with over 4,800 subjects and published their results in the British journal Of Sports Medicine.
The results indicate that caffeine consumption improves athletic performance.

Performance increased by up to 16 percent

Some subjects were even able to increase their athletic performance by up to 16 percent. However, the average line improvement was two to six percent. However, the authors note that "even a small 2 percent increase in performance can make the difference between winning or losing a competition."

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Caffeine increases endurance and strength

Caffeine is believed to improve both endurance and direct performance by binding to certain receptors in our brain. Receptors to which adenosine normally binds and signals to our body that we are tired are blocked by caffeine. This reduces feelings of exhaustion and encourages the body to work harder.

How high must the caffeine dose be?

To achieve these results, an average heavy person weighing 75 kilograms must consume approximately 210 to 420 milligrams of caffeine. The stated amount corresponds to approximately two cups of coffee, which should be drunk approximately 45 to 90 minutes before the start of the training. People who are not used to such consumption should start with a lower dose to prevent any symptoms that may arise.

Additional advantages

The indicated caffeine consumption can also increase concentration, for example. But be careful, the daily dose of caffeine should not be excessive, otherwise this can lead to physical complaints such as headache or stomach discomfort. (fm)

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