Health: We all make these mistakes when washing our hair

Health: We all make these mistakes when washing our hair

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Tips for proper hair care

What should you do wrong with your daily hair wash? Who cares what health damage can be caused by improper hair care? Proper care is not difficult at all if you know how to do it. Therefore note the following points:

Use only lukewarm water!

A hot shower in the morning with extensive hair washing: this is how many people start the day. But those who are not careful can damage hair and scalp in the long term. It is therefore important to use only lukewarm water, because excessive heat dries out and results in dull, dull and brittle hair. The hair dryer should also not be set too hot and should also be kept away from the head to avoid structural damage.

Massage conditioner only into the hair lengths and tips

It is advisable to comb the hair again before washing. Because this allows the shampoo to spread better on the head and subsequent rinsing or treatment can also be better absorbed by the hair. In addition, the saying "less is more" applies here: Instead of distributing amounts of care products throughout the hair, a walnut-sized blob of shampoo is usually sufficient, which is massaged into the hairline and scalp. On the other hand, the conditioner should only be used in the lower lengths and tips, because when applied, it allows the hair to be greased faster.

Rinse out the shampoo carefully

It is important to rinse out the care products carefully so that no residues remain that could damage the hair and scalp unnecessarily. After washing, care should be taken not to rub the hair vigorously with the towel as knots or even hair breakage can occur. Instead, it is advisable to gently squeeze out the remaining water with your hands or a terry cloth. Afterwards, the hair should best be air-dried.

In general, experts for a healthy scalp recommend not washing your hair too often. Because anyone who takes a shampoo bottle every day risks undesired reactions of the sebum glands, since the care products remove a lot of fat from the scalp and the natural protective coat of the scalp is attacked. As a result, the hair often dries out and there are other complaints such as itchy skin and dandruff.

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Zinc-rich foods can help with hair problems

If this is the case, simple home remedies for dandruff can often help get the problem under control again. Depending on whether it is dry or greasy dandruff, here comes e.g. a pack of yogurt or a cure of nettles. In addition, a zinc-rich diet (e.g. sea fish, sunflower seeds and lentils) can help to bring the sebum gland production back into balance and keep the scalp healthy. (No)

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