Sleep hygiene: best to fall asleep with a glass of wine?

Sleep hygiene: best to fall asleep with a glass of wine?

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How can we improve our sleep?

Some people think that five hours of sleep a night is enough, others believe that a glass of wine in the evening will help them fall asleep. These are just a few of the so-called sleep myths that were recently determined in a study.

A recent study by the NYU School of Medicine found that people often believe in sleep myths that are by no means true. The results of the investigation were published in the English-language journal "Sleep Health".

Where did the data come from?

The study analyzed data from 8,000 different websites to identify 20 of the most common sleep assumptions. It was then assessed with the help of sleep experts whether the assumptions could be supported by scientific evidence or not.

Are five hours of sleep a night enough?

Sleep has a major impact on our health, mood, well-being and life expectancy. But there are many wrong assumptions about sleep. These myths include, for example, the assumption that five hours a night is enough. There is extensive evidence that nightly sleep for only five hours or less significantly increases the risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease and premature death. Instead, people should try to get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, the study's authors advise.

Stay in bed despite lack of fatigue?

Another mistake you could make is staying in bed when you can't sleep. It takes about 15 minutes for the average healthy sleeper to fall asleep normally. However, if you need much longer, you should better get out of bed. After getting up, however, make sure that existing lights are dimmed. Find an activity that you do until you feel tired enough to fall asleep quickly. If, on the other hand, you are simply lying in bed, you often connect your bed with insomnia, the researchers report

Better sleep from alcohol?

Other people think that drinking alcohol helps people sleep better. According to research, alcohol actually reduces the body's ability to get a deep sleep. Alcohol can help you fall asleep, but consuming it drastically reduces the quality of your sleep.

Should you use the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning?

Another myth about sleep is that five extra minutes of sleep by pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock will make you rest later in the day and feel less exhausted. According to the results of the study, five minutes longer in bed has no real benefits. It's normal to be a little sluggish after waking up, but resist the temptation to go back to bed to sleep a little further, the study authors advise.

Catch up lost sleep from the week on the weekend?

The researchers also conclude that there are some myths that still have inconsistencies in their ratings, such as the idea that sleeping late in the week can compensate for sleep deficits within the week. This also disrupts the circadian rhythm, for example. (as)

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