Can that be true? Customer bought 10-year-old salami pack from Aldi Süd

Can that be true? Customer bought 10-year-old salami pack from Aldi Süd

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Sausage pack from Aldi: Is the MHD really correct?

Experts point out that many foods last longer than the expiration date, but at some point a time has come when consumption is not advisable for health reasons. For example, if the best before date was like a sausage pack that a customer of Aldi Süd found.

Avoid wasting food

Millions of tons of food end up in the rubbish every year: "11 million tons of food are thrown away every year in Germany," the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection wrote on its website. "65 percent of this discarded food is so-called avoidable waste, i.e. food that is still edible when it is thrown away," said the experts. But food waste can be avoided. For example, by checking whether the expiry date of food is still edible. For a sausage pack from Aldi Süd, this is probably too late.

Sausage expired ten years ago?

Sebastian L. from Goch, North Rhine-Westphalia, posted a photo of a salami pack on Facebook showing the best before date of October 2, 2008.

Apparently he couldn't believe that the sausage had been out for almost ten years. "I hope that's a misprint ..." he wrote to Aldi Süd.

The company also replied quickly and thanked for the tip. "We would like to forward this to the responsible supplier," wrote an employee of the Aldi Süd team.

He asked for information about the place of purchase so that the supplier could give a professional answer as quickly as possible.

"Of course you can return or exchange the salami in one of our branches," the discounter made clear. (ad)

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