Nutrition is medicine

Nutrition is medicine

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Chinese medicine attaches great importance to healthy eating

Little meat and at least one apple a day - many Germans associate this with a healthy diet. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, healthy eating means much more than just concentrating on a fruit and vegetable-rich diet. The importance that alternative medicine places on your well-being and health is shown by the fact that, alongside acupuncture, Chinese medicine therapy, tunia massages and Qi Gong, nutritional science is one that represents five pillars of Chinese medicine.

One principle is the use of regional food, ideally organically grown. "Healthy eating always means choosing food according to the seasons and personal health," explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, expert in Chinese medicine and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald. "It is also important to pay attention to fresh preparation and to cook meals completely without overcooking them." From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is better to refrain from raw foods such as salads and raw fruits, as this often cools and overwhelms the organism . The same applies to whole grains.

Since all foods have different effects on the organism, everyone can achieve harmonization in the body again through targeted intake. If an imbalance arises from illness, foods are therefore considered to be mild therapeutic agents. Often, the wrong foods also promote disease. For example, experts point out possible mucus formation when eating animal protein and, depending on the indication, also advise against eating cheese or milk. Those affected by chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis report successes in treating their illness through vegetable-based diets. "Patients with atopic dermatitis should also avoid certain foods," said Dr. Schmincke. Many people with atopic dermatitis experience relief from their symptoms by avoiding alcohol, cheese and sugar.

Chinese medicine: seeing people in their entirety

“Chinese medicine has a three thousand year history. In order to use them as a valuable addition to western medicine, an adaptation to European patients is always required. With her in-depth approach to seeing people in their entirety, new and promising therapeutic options open up here in Germany, ”says Dr. Especially when conventional medicine measures are no longer effective, patients with chronic pain, chronic inflammatory or neurological diseases seek help in Chinese medicine. The success of this concept is shown in a documentation study by the Klinik am Steigerwald: More than every second patient benefits significantly from inpatient hospitalization and extensive treatment with Chinese medicine, including healthy eating. (sb)

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